To lose weight know your body type

After struggling with my weight, I now train and eat according to your body type. This changed my perspective because the weight loss journey started has a short term regimen and turns into a new lifestyle. I am an endomorph type and carb cycling regimen works for me.

My weight loss journey begins on December 21,2019. Instead of complaining about my weight, I decided to draft a plan and to stick to It. It is the only way to succeed, to be prepared and to have a plan. I was struggling with my weight for years, but one day I stumbled on a video where Vshred owner talk about training and eating according to your body type. That speaks to me directly and I tried to find out my body is.

Body Type Endomorph

Endomorph body type store more fat than average. We get tired easily and have a larger appetite, thus making It’s difficult to lose weight. BUT there is a way to lose weight anyway! You can find a lot of articles on several websites, but really works for me in the beginning was carb cycling regimen. It’s a regimen that combines guidance’s about what you eat and how you work out according to what you eat. Carb cycling regimen involves alternating between low carb days and high carb days while adapting your workout accordingly. I have a whole article about that if you’re more interesting about Carb Cycling please let me know.

First results appeared after a week and I was so excited to try something new regimen. I felt weak at the beginning because I was cutting all types of sugar all together, including sodas, cornflakes and milk.

From weight loss journey to a new lifestyle.

Adding new things in my regimen like plaint based milk, oatmeal, quinoa, dark chocolate, Chia seeds and WATER really helped! The game changer was that I also started to do Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. (Do Read This if you want to take control of your life!). It changed my perspective because the weight loss journey started has a short term regimen and turns into a new lifestyle. I discover amazing snack recipes without sugar (That I’ll share, of course), great recipes, meal plans and KETO.

Workout and Yoga

So after a year, I lost 10kg and start to go to the gym regularly and practice yoga in the morning. Now, I’m trying to sculpt my body and loss my stomach and my love handles. My goal for the next year is to fulling embrace a Keto lifestyle while living in Africa (won’t be easy to find everything I need) and working from 8 to 5pm. I think It will be a great challenge, my secret is preparation, preparation, preparation.

Overall, this journey gave me more confidence and more discipline. I learned that without discipline and consistence nothing in this world can be done. Today, I understand my body better and I know what I need to eat more healthy.

Please tell me what is your health journey and what works for you.



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