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Here a selection of amazing african online shop.  We selected those platform we favor commerce that ship internationally, that sell various african brands and that provide a secure way to buy online (Paypal) if your platform fit those standards, please let us know.

Style By Africa (SBA) is the online destination for clothing and accessories produced in Africa or rooted in African heritage. From necklaces to dresses to scarf. If you’re looking for original african pieces is the right place. Every pieces on this site are unique and special and can easily be added in an everyday wardrobe.

The founders’ Kiran Yoliswa and Alae Ismail handpick all pieces either on their travels in Africa, or through other like minded Afropolitans around the world.

SBA is an award winning online shop, It was awarded a social entreprise award from UnLTD and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).


Payments: Paypal

Delivery Time: Up to 4 weeks (As most of products are shipped from Africa)

Price Range: £15 – £405 is a london based website dedicate to provide customer with limited, contemporary items from the African continent. The designers choose by agnesandlola team embody a youthful spirit, showcasing the best of heritage craft infused with contemporary style.

Agnes and Lola is born from a love of two things; independent fashion and the diverse cultures across the African continent.

The name spans three generations; grandmother Agnes and granddaughter Lola, both creative spirits influenced through the travels as documented in their love for literature and fashion.


Payments: Paypal , MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Delivery Time: 2-10 days (Depend on which part of the world)

Prize Range: £15 – £250


Sapelle is a retail shop, selling the very best of Africa’s contemporary fusion fashion – merging gorgeous textiles and decorative effects with modern Western styling – perfect for women around the world who appreciate what original everyday style is.

They are founded on ethical principles, and they’re proud to say that our range of well-made original fashion and accessories in beautiful African tribal prints and other African-inspired influences, is sourced only from ethical designers, social enterprises and artisans who respect and value their employees and the environment.

Their unique range of products includes stylish women’s African tribal prints in dresses and separates and also beautiful, unique accessories. Whether you’re building a new wardrobe or adding to your existing collection with accent pieces, our African fashion collection will complement your individual style.

For many of their African fashion products, the fabrics and materials are locally-sourced, recycled, environmentally sustainable or even organic. They are made by workers who are paid and treated fairly. 

At Sapelle, we’re passionate about doing business the right way, which means giving you excellent service and high quality products, and being an ethically and socially responsible retailer


Delivery times: 3-7 business days

Payments: every majors credit cards and Paypal

Contacts: Phone: +44(0) 7867 483 341

Based in Toronto, Kuwala Inc is an online boutique that curates unique and exclusive pieces from socially responsible African fashion brands. They want to provide high quality, hand-made clothing and accessories that fuse African fabrics, beading and embroidery with popular Western styles.

Ku wala” means “to shine” in the Malawian language of Chichewa. We want you to shine with confidence.

Kuwala promotes a positive economic impact within their communities while redefining “African” fashion abroad.


Payments: Paypal, Stripe , MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Delivery Time: 2-9 Business days (Depend on which part of the world)


My Asho is an online shopping website which was launched in 2009 based in London, England. We work with African designers across Africa and the rest of the world, selecting pieces from their collections which we believe our customers will like, and retailing them online.

Over the past 5 years, we have steadily grown – selling to more and more customers around the world, and connecting with more designers and artisans to bring you a wider variety of products – each with a unique story of its heritage.

In September 2013, they (re)launched 2 new websites My Asho and My Asho Market.

The My Asho luxury website features pieces which are very time consuming to make, and/or which incorporate traditionally produced fabrics that are difficult to source as they’re perhaps hand-loomed or hand-dyed. The design also tends to be more sophisticated and complex compared to My Asho Market.

My Asho Market is the little Sister Site to My Asho. Shop here for fun, affordable pieces which are aligned with the latest fashion trends. Pieces on My Asho Market are handmade, and produced using African made African Prints – giving you a mix of individuality and exclusivity. Shop for occasions, gifts and investment pieces at My Asho Market.


Delivery times: 1-4 business days shipping by UPS

Prize range: £30- £250 (clothes) & £15- £300 (accessories)

Payments: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Paypal

Contact :

The Afropolitan Shop is an online boutique that desires to tell an African Design Story. It began as a blog in 2007 called The Afropolitan Network, which highlighted stories and images of the African Diaspora. The Afropolitan Shop is now a growing global brand specializing in handmade and designer accessories such as jewelry, bags and shoes.

The Afropolitan Shop aims to celebrate African designers and artisans for their prolific and imaginative handiwork while giving them access to the global market. The Afropolitan Shop merges African products and creativity with the Afropolitan experience of Africans all over the globe. Afropolitan is a fusion of the words “African” and “Cosmopolitan”. It is a sensibility, a culture and a worldview.


Delivery times: 1-5 bweeks

Prize range: £25- £100 (accessories)

Contact : is a online marketplace where you can find unique and one of kind African inspired pieces. They work directly with emerging designers around the world to bring you the best selection of high quality, one of kind African Inspired pieces the industry has to offer.

Their mission is to empower designers worldwide with the tools to enter a global market and to make woman around the world feel bold and beautiful in vibrant and eccentric African inspired designs. Through this they are not only shining a light on African Fashion, but we are also shining a light on Africa. We are changing perceptions of Africa and Africans through fashion.

Their grassroots approach to merchandising allows us to truly tap talent of designers on the African continent and in the diaspora. These are the designers who should be shaping the African Fashion industry and we are giving them a platform to tell their stories.

Zuvaa is not just an online store, they are a community, a movement. They are fashion lovers worldwide who not only seek to support ethically manufactured and produced pieces, but look to make a statement. We are all about making Bold Statements in Bold Prints. Zuvaa, inspired by the Shona language of Zimbabwe word ‘Zuva’ meaning sunshine, represents the vibrancy and radiance of African culture and how our customers’ personal light shines through African aesthetics.


Delivery times: 7-14 business days

Prize range: £30- £250 (clothes) & £15- £150 (accessories)

Payments: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Paypal

Contact :

KISUA is an innovative digital platform offering exclusive contemporary African fashion online. An exciting showcase for the continent’s best and brightest design talent, KISUA e-commerce site sells limited-run pieces from our new KISUA Hariri collection alongside KISUA Collaborates, capsule collections developed in tandem with African designers from across the continent. KISUA (meaning ‘well dressed person’ in Swahili) is based in US,UK and South Africa.

The debut Pre-Fall 2014 collection is inspired by African art and architecture and celebrates female individuality and strength. This first KISUA Collaborates collections come from: Beatrice Black Atari (Nigeria), Chechi Arinze (Nigeria), Jamil Walji (Kenya), Kanga Kulture (Kenya), Kiki Kamanu (Nigeria), Lola Buttons (Nigeria), Poqua Poqu (Ghana), Tae Afrika (Nigeria), Tina Lobondi (DRC) and Tobi Martins (Nigeria).


Delivery times: 1-4 business days for

Prize range: 70€ – 350€ (clothes)

Payments: Visa, American Express, MasterCard,

Contact :