Update feb 21, 2018:

Hello everyone,
I’ve been away from so long and I thought I couldn’t come back here. BUT HERE I AM! A lot of things happen to me during this 3 years.
First, I moved and changed continent! (yes, can you imagine) I was previously living in France and working there while my heart was still in my motherland, DRC in central Africa. I moved back in 2015 due to personal reasons, my only sister needed me to be there for her while fighting against a disease that took 7 months to diagnose, it was Lupus. Now, she is better and I’m happy for her.

Then, I started a new job 3 months later in kind of the same area I was working in France (Finance), but in a much bigger scale and It took me 2 years (date to date) to adjust to my new life, the new job (where I’ve been promoted last august).
Now, I’m ready to come back to blogging like I did before. But even if I wasn’t blogging, I couldn’t help my nature to learn more and more things. Being back in my country and looking at the work of young entrepreneurs like me made me realized that I need to do more to help others like me.

So for the next couple of months, new headings and new subjects will be had to my blog. African fashion will stay one of my main subjects because I want to show our culture what is our fashion and style. So Stay tuned because I’m back…


Previous introduction April 22, 2014:

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sephora, I’m from DR Congo and I’ve been living in France for 6 years now. I came here to study and early this year, I graduated in Master in Financial engineering. I started my Tumblr page: african-fashion-design.tumblr.com on June 2012 as a hobby. My aim was to talk about African designers and display their work from the beginning till the time of the publication.

Africashionstyle.com where we want to talk only about Africa Fashion and everything subjects around it.

We went through this website showcased what Africafashion has best to offer:

African fashion is becoming increasingly important, but most African designers are unknown to the common man. Our goal is to highlight the African fashion and contemporary African style. African style is now available in different kinds of clothing for all occasions.