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I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sephora Tshiyombo, I’m form DRCongo and I’m living in France for 6 years now. I came here to study and early this year, I graduated in Master in Financial engineering. I started my tumblr page : african-fashion-design.tumblr.com in June 2012 as an hobby. My aim was to talk about african designers and display their work from the beginning till the time of the publication.

It’s been two months that we are trying to take things to the next level by starting a new blog : Africashionstyle.com where we want to talk only about Africa Fashion and everything subjects around it.



We want through this website showcased what africa fashion has best to offer:

African fashion is becoming increasingly important, but most African designers are unknown to the common man. Our goal is to highlight the African fashion and contemporary African style. African style is now available in different kinds of clothing for all occasions. 

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