Yoga Benefits after 6 months of practice!

I started yoga a moment in my life when I was constantly on the run and I run to get to work, to go to sport, to see friends, to sleep, I was constantly agitated and I did not know how to get out of it. I think it was a little before reading the Hal Elrod Morning Miracle book that I started practicing yoga and Hal’s book only confirmed the benefits of yoga practices. (We’ll talk about the Miracle Morning probably in another article). To know more about yoga

Indeed, I am mainly going to talk to you about the benefits of yoga in my daily life rather going into details in the practice and the different types of yoga (This will surely be the subject of another article too).

Here are the effects of yoga in my life for 6 months:

Yoga psychological benefits:

Yoga has allowed me to stop thinking and being fully in the moment by being aware of my movements, my body and my breathing.

Psychological effects can reduce nervous tension, anxiety and therefore reduces stress. In doing some research, I learned that what I just described is actually letting go. This letting go is very important to regulate our existence and face difficult situations by remaining calm and pose to relativize and play down.

Letting go makes it possible to rediscover the joy of living and accentuate a feeling of gratitude for simple things. All this I really experienced it.

My beginnings in Yoga,I started yoga at home in my room and that thanks to Youtube, I looked for videos of Yoga by typing Yoga for beginners, I reviewed the various choices which were proposed to me and I took a particular interest to the channel of Brettlarkins.

I really liked the content she produced because she tried a lot to answer the problems of everyday life through Yoga. There is therefore a dedicated content for beginners including videos to explain particular postures, content for meditation, for those who have maximum 15 min maximum per day to do Yoga. It also has specific content for certain problems such as fatigue, migraines, flu, menstrual cramps and so on. In short, you’ll understand it’s one of my favorite channels.

It allowed me to understand that there are no excuses for not practicing yoga whatever the circumstances of life because precisely yoga allows to face the challenges of life serenely.

Yoga physiological benefits:

Yoga through these many postures, the practice of breathing has effects demonstrate on our nervous system, our blood system and on our organs.

In the long term yoga also improves posture by relieving between the back and toning muscles.

Personally, I really feel that I have toned up my deep muscles. For the back, I would have to be able to apply a lot more in some poses and also have specific yoga session.


Do you practice Yoga? Tell me about more about your experience and what Yoga represents to you.




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