What’s summer without a spot of color?

Maxi sundress is the go to outfit when you want to be comfortable on a hot sunny day. And in every spring summer collections, you will always have some beautiful maxi dresses. Take a pick at our selection from some designer .

If you’re feeling more monochrome this season take a  look at some of the bright dresses  from Ella & Gabby, Stoned Cherry, Taibo Bacar or Korto momolu and Ejiro Amos collection:


Nkwo 1

Or take a look to this beautiful dresses with prints,a selection from Stella Jean, Tiffany Amber,  Nkwo, Duaba Serwa or Eki Orleans and Ituen Basi collections:



With their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, these designers have excellent pieces on offer for the holiday season.



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