African Fashion Store Review :

logo is an ethical store online based in UK where you can purchased a large range of african designers pieces from African design Clothing to Home Decor. is an ethically and socially responsible retailer because they only feature artisans, design labels and social enterprises that work to ethical production principles: as a minimum, their materials are fairly traded and employees are fairly paid. They pay them fairly for the products and  keep thier margins low so that the customer can get the best price from them.

They deliver all around the world with an average delivery timescale of 3-5 working days if you are in the UK and up to 7 working days if you are in Europe and the USA. For other countries, delivery can take up to two weeks.

They featured African Brands like TinaLobondi, Modahnik, Taibo Bacar, Thula Sindi.

Their price range is minimum 50 euros  per clothing, from 25 euros for accessories and from 16 euros for African decors.

Here a sample of what you can buy on their website:

Sapellé or Sapeli is a tree indigenous to parts of Africa, sometimes called ‘African Mahogany’. It grows tall with beautiful flowers and provides numerous commercial, ecological and even medicinal benefits. Sapelle wood is popular for use in luxury car interiors, musical instruments and home furnishings because of its beautiful unique texture.

Go check out their website, some articles are in sale right now:




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