Formal Gowns by African Designers

After watching the metropolitan gala hosted every year by Anna Wintour, I would like to show in this article some beautiful dresses from african designers to wear to a Gala, a ball, a charity event, etc. You see for me Formal Gowns are created to inspire people when a woman wears one, she become a Cinderella for a night.

Like we learn in our previous article on cocktail dress and the difference between them and formal gowns, a formal gowns is by definition longer and made with better fabrics than other types of dress such as silk, taffeta, velvet or chiffon for example.

Today’s selection is about displaying some beautiful formal gowns created by african designers like Christie Brown, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Tina Lobondi below:

Duro Olowu, Ekie Kuame , Tina Lobondi and Duaba Serwa dresses below have already their own ornamentation:

Theses pieces are unique and you can surely find the one made for you.

Below form Left to right you have: Iconic Invanity, Marianne Fassler, Elie Kuame Dresses.

Form L to R: David Tlale, Deola Sagoe, Taibo Bacar dresses :



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