DIY natural skincare routine for acne

I battled with acne since I was a teenager. Acne a small word that can be a source of discomfort and anxiety for people like me that suffers from It. Here, is my DIY recipe for skincare routine for acne prone skin.

My journey

The first skincare product I used came from my dermatologist. Then, thanks to my sister, I discovered a treatment made by Proactiv Solution. For the first time since I can remember, I lived without acne and I felt fantastic (yes I use the past tense, keep reading you will know why below). Even if I had to ship the product from the US to France every 3 months, it was worth It. Thanks to Proactiv, I learned to 3 keys component of skincare routine: First, wash your face than apply a toner and finish with a face cream.

However, everything changes when a new EU regulation banned the commercialization of certain products without a doctor’s prescription. I went back to a dermatologist to get another treatment. Unfortunately for me, he gave me exactly the same product I used 10 years ago just after my first pimples appeared. My young teenager self was not happy with situation.

This was a major setback for me. It’s triggered my need to find a more sustainable solution for my skincare, a more natural solution as well. Stopping Proactiv revealed in my opinion and based on my own experience that the products only suppressed my acne and controled but as soon as I stopped using It, my acne came back. As soon as I stopped using the products, my skin started to break again.

A few weeks of research and purchases after, I started to create my first all-natural skincare routine based on the principles I got from Proactiv. I was and still is determined to go all natural and embrace a DIY approach to create my routine (Thanks to the help several blog out there).

My evening and morning skincare routine to prevent acne

Let me first start with my evening routine:

  1. Remove makeup with an oil based on the oil cleansing method from mommypotamus (check this links, you will find a tutorial as well: Usually, I used either Jojoba oil or hazelnut oil as a makeup remover.
  2. Gentle Cleansing with Aleppo Soap: Aleppo Soap is natural soap of olive oil and bay laurel oil. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and polyphenol, which is a useful antioxidant that is said to help delay the effects of aging- and bay laurel oil provides extra care properties to the soap.
  3. Healing masks: 3 times a week, I apply a face mask either to moisturize, fade scars, and/or prevent acne breakout. (Check out my favorite natural face masks post) Apply your mask in the evening because the skin regeneration process occurs during the night.
  1. Toner: 1-part Witch Hazel 2-part Apple Cider Vinegar. Toner helps remove any residue after cleansing and restores the skin’s natural PH levels; Thanks again to mommypotamus.
  2. Face oil Moisturizer: I apply a blend of oils to absorb the excess of sebum and moisturize my skin. This special blend helps a lot with hormonal acne especially before the beginning of a new cycle.

My morning routine is a little bit different, I gentle cleansing my face with raw honey because of its anti-bacterial properties, use my toner and moisturize with a different blend of oils 3 oils. This recipe comes from crunchybetty and my favorite blend is :

  • 2 part of Jojoba oil has base oil
  • 1-part Evening primrose oil (acne, aging, normal skin, you name it – and evening primrose oil can even be taken internally to help with acne) and
  • Few drops of lavender essential oil.

This journey wasn’t easy. What makes it easier is all the discovery I made along the way

Overall, I learned several things, by fighting acne naturally:

  • You can treat acne inside and out.
  • You have to drink a lot of water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Change your sheet regularly
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed

Right now, I’m happy with this routine. I’d like to focus on my acne scars on my checks. I will try a 2 weeks’ challenge to see if my scars fade or not. Stay tuned.

I’d like to know more about your acne journey and what acne hacks you used.



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