Beautiful African HandBags

Beautiful African HandBags

African Handbags are beautiful accessories which can give a little “je-ne-sais-quoi” to a  simple outfit. I think that we all have notice a woman walking by in the street with a beautiful african bag and wondering how we can get a hold to a similar bag.

O'eclat 2011 Collection-Belle du jour-01

An handbag is a woman best friend because it carries all important little things of life. And, this best friend can become your ultimate fashion accessory and all ladies know it.

For this article, we select handbags from three of our favorite African Fashion Designers: Adele Dejak by Adele Dejak, O’Eclat by Gbemmy Johnson and Tote Collections by Bola Obileye.

You can purchased all these beautiful pieces online. ( International Shipments are available as well)

Buy Adele Dejak beautiful handbags on her website:

Buy O’Eclat : O’

Buy Tote Collection :




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