Africashion Crush of the week : Dao London

Africashion Crush of the week Dao London
Africashion Crush of the week Dao London

Let me present to you two iconic pieces that are authentic show stopper and how Africashuin crust of the week from designer house Dao London: the Kente tulle Tutu mesh shirt and the Kente underbust corset are to die for.

There are made by Dao London a brand that main mission is to African lovers to express their love for the culture and feel invincible through our uniquely modern designed garments.

Bold, bright and Beautiful: this brand has it ALL!

Paule Carine Dao the founder is millennial that want to innovate and bring out fresh designs for other millennial. For all the information’s we gather on Ms Dao, we understand that she is herself a role model of perseverance and discipline. She had a vision and didn’t give up on her dream. She

Quote: A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. —John Maxwell

All garments created by Dao London are using African fabrics. This brand for the bold stylish African lovers wants you to look as confident, unique and risk takers as you can be.

Plus, Dao London wants to empower women with their unique stylish pieces. Every woman is unique and Dao London has a piece all the dreams, resilient and doers out there. Every step of your life require a different type of you.


Let me know if you want a full interview of Paule Carine Dao to have more information’s on her journey. This brand is definitely one to keep an eye on.

These amazing pieces are available on Dao London website with worlwide shipping. 



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