David Wej Menswear from Lagos

David Wej

AfricationStyle Magazine is proud to present a Menswear brand from Lagos, David Wej. Davis Wej is a rising African fashion brand offering premium clothing in Nigeria and West Africa. 

David Wej Menswear from Lagos

David Wej is a menswear fashion brand established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008 by Adedayo David Eweje. It’s an award-winning international premium lifestyle brand renowned for their distinctive traditionally inspired bespoke jacquard suits, classic shirts and accessories.

Who is behind David Wej

Adedayo David EwejeThe man behind the brand is Adedayo Eweje. He is a geography and regional planning graduate of the Lagos state University. Eweje had an accomplished career within the telecom Industry having worked for telecom giants Econet and Globacom. However, since his childhood Adedayo dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. This dream eventually led to the launch of David Wej.

Moreover, David WeJ has received extensive editorial coverage, been recognised as one of Nigeria’s leading lifestyle brands and been the go-to brand for celebrities and high profile figures.

New store Alert

In March 2021, David Wej officially opened their seventh international location in London at 38 Great Portland Street, just off Oxford Street. Yes, David Wej is one of the few African fashion brand to have a store in Europe.

The brand already has 6 others stores across Lagos and wants to go further; especially for an African Fashion brand. In an article of Standard Magazine, M. Eweje said:  “We are a proudly Nigerian brand and our headquarters remain in Lagos. I want to pave the way for other African designers, especially during this critical time where diversity in fashion is such a huge conversation. This move is not just about us expanding as a brand but about putting Nigeria on the global fashion map.

Focus on David Wej designs made in Lagos

From smart casual look to grooms total look, David Wej offers a complete garment for smart  modern gentlemen. And, the Nigerian brand offers a variety of styles with bright colors, dramatic patterns, and contrast buttonholes.  

David Wej looks

Mordern Shirts following the trend:

Plus, David Wej Business casual shirts are comfortable with slim fit to offer a clean, presentable look. For business casual, the brand recommends to choose a contemporary slim-fit shirt button-up shirt, as opposed to a button-down shirt.  A button-up shirt has buttons that secure the collar to the shirt’s body.

David Wej Smart casual clothing


In addition, of clothing and accessories, David Wej also offers a beautiful selection of men shoes. The selection includes pairs of exquisite loafers or  classic leather Oxford shoes to fit everyone’s personal taste.

David Wej Shoes Selection
David Wej Shoes Selection is available on the brand website: davidwej.com.

Buy a Tuxedo/ Be Stylishly Smart from Lagos

Plus, Tuxedo for special occasion and David Wej totally understands that. This is why David Wej Tuxedos are fresh and stylish  However, since tuxedos never go out of style, the Nigerian brand offers a special occasion selection of stylishly smart tuxedos.

David Wej Tuxedos

Smart Casual clothing made in Lagos

In addition of the formal garments, David Wej offers a casual collection. Therefore, enjoy summer looks with this two-piece short sleeve shirt and shorts with a graphical depiction of lines and angles for a stylish look.

David Wej Smart Casual clothing

And you, what’s your favorite garment from David Wej ? Did you buy online ? Let us know in the comment below.



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