African Fabrics: Capulana



Capulana is african fabrics from Mozambique. 100 % cotton, Capulana is a textile used by every mozambican. Brought in Mozambique for many years, this fabric originality had only three colors, white, black and red. But, today, there is many colors and patterns.

With its specially dimension 2 meters by One and in its original state, this fabric has many use in Mozanbican life. It can be used as a baby carrier or protect from the sun for example.

The beautiful fabric is very popular among African designers, like Taibo Bacar (mozambican designer) or Stella Jean (Italian Based designer) and Iris Santos ( a designer who only use Capulana fabrics). This fabric is also used to make beautiful accessories pieces.

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Do you know an african designer  who uses Capulana Fabric ?



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