Africa- Malaysia International Fashion Show : September 24th-28th, 2014


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be the place to be the next 24th to 28th of this month. 

2014 is ‘Visit Malaysia’ year. Promoting the opportunities that exist in building greater liaison through trade and tourism is a key to making this year a success. Fashion, with its universal appeal is a great way to create a bridge that can initiate understanding and conversation between African nations and Malaysia.

Africa-Malaysia International Fashion Show, an initiative of Standard Pacific Global Sdn. Bhd. & ASTRALSkyline (M) SDN. BHD has invited Nineteen most celebrated and successful fashion designers from across the Africa continent that has risen to prominence both within the continent and globally, to present their Fall 2014 collections in Malaysia.

Africa –Malaysia International Fashion show is the first and biggest African event of its kind in Asia. It is a unique and innovative event focused on raising global awareness, especially in the Asia-Pacific continents to celebrate the work of African and African inspired designers, promoting and celebrating African rich cultural heritage.

A collaborative catwalk and exhibition, highlighting the industry’s established and emerged African designers. AMFA is at the forefront of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry. The show would also serve as a platform to link celebrities, local & international editors, buyers, agents, public figures, fashion gurus and the business community.


As an event that inspires creativity and promotes diversity, the main objective of the show is to enhance the African fashion labels by providing a platform for established and emerging African fashion designers to showcase their talents to a broad audience.

The Africa-Malaysia International Fashion Show will provide participating designers with an affordable global showcasing platform, to bridge the gap between them and their potential clients and also to generate international exposure while growing their business thereby boosting the African Economic.




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